Greg Hill

writer / educator / voice actor

POETRY (and where it is published)

         Home With Newborn (One Sentence Journal)

         Haiku [far side of the bed] (Haiku Journal)

         A Casual Search For The Sun, a free micro-chapbook (Origami Poems Project)
                           [click here for directions on how to fold the one-page PDF into a booklet]

         Sunrise at Balch Hill (Wanderlust Journal)

         Grapetree Bay, Saint Croix, Morning (Wanderlust Journal)

         Grapetree Bay, Saint Croix, Afternoon (Wanderlust Journal)
                          (and in The Best of Wanderlust 2019 anthology)

         March and Poetry (Lipstickparty Magazine)

         Oh (Folded Word)

         The End of the Universe (Apeiron Review)

         Summer's Last (FORTH Magazine)

         After Love (The Writing Disorder)

         Alarm Clock (The Writing Disorder)

         Song to the Hemlocks (The Writing Disorder)

         What It Is Like to Find Out Your Wife is Pregnant (Grub Street)

         Post Hoc (Grub Street)

         Golfing With Buddha (Visitant)

         I Might Not Make It (Barzakh)

         Sanborn Library, February (Poetry Breakfast)

         It Was An Accident (Pioneertown)

         Seven Minutes (Whiskey Island)

         We Exist at the Margins (Sick Lit Magazine)

         American Spring (Life and Legends)

         Today (Life and Legends)

         Bites Into An Apple And Says (Life and Legends)

         GENESIS: Initial Chapter (Atlas and Alice)

         DVD Title Input Using PayPal to Online Store Via Drupal (WORK Literary Magazine)

         [Untitled (Kenneth Goldsmith)] (Queen Mob's Teahouse)

         If People Could Just Read Behind the Hieroglyphic (Black Heart Magazine)

         Why Teachers Should Earn Minimum Wage (Verse Wisconsin)

         Remembering My Screenwriting Class (MALS Quarterly)

         Square/Wheel (MALS Quarterly)

         Beast of the Submariner (MALS Quarterly)

         Fortitude (MALS Quarterly) 



         Napkin, Number, Man, and Missed Connection (Forthcoming in 42-Word Anthology, which still needs submissions!)

         The Meteorologist's Makeup (Bards and Sages Quarterly, January 2019)

         [Untitled] He swirled his glass... (Short on Sugar, High on Honey, Flash: The International Short Story Press)

         [Untitled] They stared... (Short on Sugar, High on Honey, Flash: The International Short Story Press)

         The Last (Prime Number Magazine)*

         "She was so busy berating..." (Nanoism)

         "God spun two galaxies..." (Nanoism)

         Life With Three Kids (Cheap Pop)**

         "Once her eyes adjusted..." (Cuento Magazine)

         "The sulphur storm receded..." (Cuento Magazine)




         Reacquainting (How I Met My Other, anthology; Orange Blossom Press)

         March 15th, 2007 (Past Ten)

         My Brother's Flight Home (Cargo Literary)

         Memories of "Maj": An Oral Historical Biography of Jean Lande Hennessey, 1927-2004
                  (Frommer & Frommer's Oral History Reader, Volume IX)



*won the Prime Number Magazine's 53-word story contest for December 2016, judged by Clifford Garstang
**nominated for 2016 Pushcart Prize

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